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A Grumpy Friday!

Every time is a Friday and I have to work overtime is the worst scenario.

I get annoying and I am like what the hell! Why do we have to work on Friday. That too extra hours sucks! That’s the time I want to feel relieved and relaxed, Friday morning comes with a hope that few hours to go and weekend is here. Days when Friday goes too long and I am freaked out at office, I want to eat Italian food in San Francisco, because what a nice plate of pasta can do for you, nothing can!

Indian food SFSometimes, I opt for pasta, maybe ravioli, maybe penne in pesto, or pink sauce, sometimes risotto, nice creamy mushroom and spinach with triple cheese risotto. There are so many factors that make Italian food perfect, the way it is cooked or the freshest ingredients used. It all makes a difference, there are so many factors that play part in creation of a perfect dish that you can savor forever.

There are many Italian restaurants in San Francisco where you get delicious Italian cuisine that you can savor. There are many Italian delicacies that are liked by the people in California. Like Pizza is one of the best food that can change your mood and elevate it ten folds.

order cake onlineThe Italian restaurants in San Francisco are known for the authenticity of the food that is served by the restaurants.

Moreover, there are one thing that will make you happy in the worst mood too and that is tiramisu, yes, it literally means pick me up! Yes! It’s chocolate plus coffee plus moist cake or cookies with dollops of mascarpone cream all layered to create a surreal desert, one to die for.

There are many places to order food online where all the restaurants from all the states of USA are listed one can order food online via MealHi5, one of the most trusted portal for food.

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