A Yogurt A Day Keeps All Illnesses Away!

We all know that yogurt is has immense health benefits as it has all the good bacteria the probiotics. Having it on a daily basis boosts up the gut health which makes the whole immune system more and more stronger. Yogurt has many benefits as it is good source of protein and calcium it also helps to keep you healthy with the probiotic advantages. Many Indian Restaurants in New York serve Indian delicacies that have yogurt in it.

2307851-spicy-buttermilkHave it in Smoothies or fruits with yogurt. In Indian ayurvedic preaching it is said that having Chaas with or post your meal gives your gut a healthy environment and that leads a overall healthy body. Chaas or buttermilk is made with yogurt and spices that are good for digestion like ginger, cumin, cilantro are all added to make a drink that is not too thick in consistency and can be enjoyed chilled at anytime of the day as a probiotic drink.

You can taste the traditional Chaas at any of the Indian Restaurants in San Francisco and have a delicious meal accompanied by all the good probiotics of chaas to keep your gut happy!

mango-lassiAnother hot favorite of all is Mango Lassi, yes! I have few friends who never miss to have mango lassi whenever we eat Indian cuisine, even when we order food online they still never miss to order the lassi. Mango Lassi is like a Mango smoothie made with mangoes or mango pulp and yogurt with some sugar and cardamon powder for the special Indian touch!

A dessert known as Srikhand is also made of greek yogurt blended with sugar and other spices like saffron, cardamon or nuts and raisins. Mealhi5 is one of the online portals where you can find hundreds of Indian restaurants in United States where you can order food online and get your dose of good bacteria for your gut for the day.

So, remember to eat your daily dose of probiotics now!

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