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Food Your Rescue On Humpday, Order Via MealHi5!

It’s Hump Day, oh yay!
Tired and exhausted Midweek, are you?

Oh, you can have a Peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich, come to your rescue!
A spoonful of peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich, is one stress buster, you can’t deny!
If that doesn’t work, get on with having Nutella and banana sandwich… I can bet your gut will be happy for sure!

order food online

Okay! The wacky day is now going to pass… this will help, so I tell myself!
Oh Man! What should I do for lunch now?

M in no mood to cook today…. Uum.. Should I order food online?
Sounds good, Yeah …. Let me hop on MealHi5 App and order an Indian curry with some rice.

easy ordering food online

There are many Indian restaurants in New York on MealHi5 app,
I think I can get some good deal too. Yeah, I ordered a mushroom curry, Butter Chicken and got rice have it all with…

You know the best part, I got discount of $5 as my order amounted more than $30.
Now this makes me happy for sure!

I think… I will reach Friday!

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