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MealHi5 – Secured and Certified Online Ordering System

Yes it is very important not enough for me but I suppose everybody that we check the website we are doing online transaction from has SSL certificate or not nowadays most of the people have got the habit to only make transactions or give personal details like email address or contact number order official address to only websites that are secured and protected with us SSL certificate so that the data that that sharing is protected.

Order meal onlineThere are many places to order food online and these websites or mobile applications should have a secure payment gateway because in the hectic life that we have today, it is more important that we have services is like online food ordering available at the tip of our hand and that is what MealHi5 provides.

MealHi5, is an online portal for food ordering, where you can select the cuisine if your choice and the location and get all the restaurants registered with MealHi5 listed, you can select the restaurant of your choice order food online from whatever you feel that you are in mood of eating that particular day you can also use the mobile order food onlineapplications that MealHi5 has for both Android as well as iOS platform which is another benefit that you can order while driving, u can order in the middle of the conference, you can order while you go grocery shopping and the food will reach to home before you reach or once you back, you can order food online and pick it up on your way home from work or shopping or so. I spoken earlier, MealHi5 has a secured payment gateway, it has SSL certifications, the credit card details or personal details that you share with the website will remain secure and safe even in case you cancel the order the total amount will be refunded to you.

mealhi53.jpgIt is one of the best ways to order food online from a portal where you can select the food for many different restaurants of different uses in case you have a party or there are many people coming who have different food choices and nobody needs to compromise everybody’s choices can be fulfilled.

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