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Thank God It’s Friday one of the days where I really feel thank God it’s almost weekend, just few hours and it is weekend. I suppose what we do it we start our weekend on Friday evening itself! For all the relief in the world, God has created Friday a day when you get all the nostalgia and a super excited for the next 2 days when you can chill out, relax, rejuvenate, and have fun. Weekend is equal to Eating Out 2 days right from the start of Friday evening till Sunday night while preparing for the week ahead.

Asian food San JoseThere is a lot of craze for Asian food in San Jose for all the delicate chairs and taste that it offers. Asian food includes everything from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai food and each one of these particular cuisines in itself have such a versatile flavour palette that one cannot resist having one or the other Asian it at least once in a week. When it comes to Thai food I just love the pad Thai noodles they are just delicious the flavour of the noodles the peanuts used in the noodles it is mouth-watering and piping hot, nothing better than having dinner at a Thai restaurant in San Francisco, at the start of your weekend, on a Friday eve.

Thai food San JoseAnother delicious soup on a rainy day is Tom Yum Soup, it is awesome, the steaming hot flavours and delicious delicate flavours of the soup, are enough for having the soup on and on again.

Having a nice plate of Jasmine rice with green Thai curry or red curry cooked with veggies or chicken or seafood, is a super delicious way of treating yourself with delicate flavours infused, other spices with the kefir lime leaf, it is one of the best meal you will ever have. The many places to order food online in San Jose and there are plenty of good places from where you can choose Thai delicacies you want to Relish!

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