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Monday Blues – MealHi5 Comes To Rescue!

Monday comes marks the beginning of new week, new challenges, new task, new hopes. Nevertheless, the fact is that even if I have everything is positive around on Monday morning I still have my Monday Blues as I never feel like doing​ anything on Monday other than wish for extra Sunday. In Monday mood I can’t cook, I can do away with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but I often have no mood to cook on a Monday.

Indian Food San FranciscoThe best thing I do is get my lunch ready from a nice Indian restaurant in San Francisco, I pick the lunch on my way to work and that is the best think I can do for myself on a Monday morning. Many Indian restaurants in San Jose and San Francisco show some delicious Indian food to the community and now these days all these restaurants have their their menus online. This definitely makes my life easy and I can order food online and later pick it up on my way to work or on my way back home.

Mil Hi Fi is one such online ordering portal for food in United States. MealHi5 has many restaurants in every state in USA that makes life easier and even if you are travelling Out Of California you can still order food online www.mealhi5.com and enjoy your meal picked up or delivered to you.

Indian Cuisine san joseUsually I order food online with MealHi5 via their mobile application, where I can get a discount of $5 every time I purchase food via the application for more than $30 of amount.

If Monday Blues are common with you also then relax, don’t stress yourself my cooking are worrying about what to eat and what not weather just hop on to www.mealhi5.com and order your next meal.

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