Order food online that will keep you drooling all week long!

There are so many delicacies and cuisines that you can relish when it comes to Indian Cuisine. Each state and culture has their unique authentic dishes and menus that they offer to the world to relish. There are numerous Indian restaurants in San Francisco serving authentic Indian cuisine that will surely make you want more!

Dahi Bhalle

Food has become an art that is reflected through the taste of the dish, flavors used, the way it is presented, the food is now plated to look more eye appealing. This has given birth to a new way of plating food, the deconstructed way.

The unique way of plating food makes it fun and a real head on fine dining experience in many Michelin Star Indian restaurants in San Francisco. There are Deconstructed dishes not only in Indian cuisine but also in other cuisines like Thai, Asian, Italian or Mexican to name a few. You can have dahi bhalla, chaat made of fermented lentil dumplings served in yogurt with spices and mint & tamarind chutney as an appetizer served the traditional way or in a new unique deconstructed way. It will zest up your zeal to eat and relish food more.

Indian restaurants in San FranciscoThis days you can order food online and get it delivered at your door steps. MealHi5 is a great place to get your meals online. You get restaurants of various cuisines to select from and you can hence enjoy the meals at home when you are tired and can’t go to eat out! Mealhi5 also has it’d mobile apps that enable you to order food online on the go from anywhere.

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