Celebrating Festivals With MealHi5 – Order Food Online This Festive Season!

As it’s Halloween time, a time to pay homage to the dead, the saints. It’s fall, and pumpkin time! A time to be ready for the scary costume parties and the carving pumpkins into jack-o’-lanterns. It’s time for Trick or Treats, time for bonfire, games and food, it’s time to celebrate! You can eat anything […]

Order Food Online On A Lazy Wednesday And Have Some Biryani!

Rice is an essential part of our diet, part of every possible cuisine, one of the easiest digestible food available. Rice is a part of every staple meal more or less consumed every single day of the year! Spanish loves their Paella, Mexican loves the Mexican Rice or the burrito bowl. Similarly Asians are all […]

Something That’s Tasty & Healthy It’s One Heck Of A Delicacy – Pav Bhaji!

Food is something that we always relate to as comfort for the mind and nourishment for the body! MealHi5 has many Indian restaurants listed across United States, https://www.mealhi5.com/category/indian-restaurant. Offering exotic Indian curries as well as street food, order Indian food online from MealHi5 today to relish the food that is flavor packed and healthy too. […]

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Every celebration sounds incomplete without food, food plays a very important role whenever it’s festival time or birthdays or anniversary, we always have some special delicacies that are involved and associated with some or the other special dish dedicated to it! Like Thanksgiving is associated with turkey, or Christmas has it’s special cake, In India […]

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I think one of the best ways to rejuvenate your senses is by food, some flavors work magic on your mood and can relax your mind in a fraction of a second! Asian cuisine is one such cuisine that can help me level my mood swings very easily. Like having a nice Tom yum soup […]

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Sugar is one addictive that gives you a high at any given point of time! The depressed soul will also be happy having a sweet treat or chocolate for that matter, as your gut sends signals to your brain that it is happy and you however stressed or tensed maybe you will feel relaxed and […]

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Craving unimpeachable Samosas order online food from MealHi5 worth $30 or more and save $5 on your order! There is so much food that we can do with food, fusion food has taken a turn around in the world cuisine where even Indian cuisine is made and served in healthier ways and better layouts. Like […]

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There are many places to order food online, but we are different! That’s why we are giving a competitive edge to our competitors! You want us to name them? I don’t mind, ummm… let it be! Why embarrass others.(Wink). MealHi5, has evolved over the time of two years immensely; with more than 350+ restaurants onboard […]

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In the fast pace life that we live, it’s vital to optimize our time and work in accordance with it. Nowadays, we lack time for ourselves, be it health, pleasure, food and sleeping hours all are compromised and we end up spoiling our health in the end. As it’s truly said that necessity is the […]

Order Food Online Of Festivals To Enjoy The Day Completely

When festivals are near, especially Indian people believe in celebrating the festival or occasion with family and friends and meet up at one common house and enjoy the whole day by having a feast, moms make sweets and various special traditional delicacies that kids relish, the atmosphere thus is a joyous celebration all along! Now […]