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There are many places to order food online, but we are different! That’s why we are giving a competitive edge to our competitors! You want us to name them? I don’t mind, ummm… let it be! Why embarrass others.(Wink). MealHi5, has evolved over the time of two years immensely; with more than 350+ restaurants onboard […]

Order Food Online To Save Time & Money

In the fast pace life that we live, it’s vital to optimize our time and work in accordance with it. Nowadays, we lack time for ourselves, be it health, pleasure, food and sleeping hours all are compromised and we end up spoiling our health in the end. As it’s truly said that necessity is the […]

Order Food Online Of Festivals To Enjoy The Day Completely

When festivals are near, especially Indian people believe in celebrating the festival or occasion with family and friends and meet up at one common house and enjoy the whole day by having a feast, moms make sweets and various special traditional delicacies that kids relish, the atmosphere thus is a joyous celebration all along! Now […]

Gluten Free Pizza In Santa Clara Are Hot Sellers!

Everyone in the world will be ready to eat a pizza whenever they are offered and wish for! There is something magical about having a pizza and there in No doubt that pizza can be eaten at anytime of the day and at any place alone or with peeps! Pizza pies are a hot favorite […]

Indian Restaurants in Fremont – A Healthy Way To Party!

Indian delicacies are made using clarified butter, Ghee adds flavor, aroma, and taste, it is perfect for health conscious individuals, and no milk proteins so it is safe for lactose intolerant people like ghee. Ghee stimulates secretion of stomach acids helping better digestion. It has antioxidants properties as well. It is believed to lubricate joints. […]

Indian Restaurants San Jose Are Serving Up Exotic Flavors Online

Indian food has so many elements to it like say the North Indian cuisine or the Punjabi cuisine is famous all around the world.  It’s famous for non-vegetarian delicacies and the vegetarian delicacies. California has been a hub for IT and over the decades so many Indians have been migrating to California which has resulted […]

Asian Restaurants In Santa Clara – A New Hype!

There is a complete new place for Asian cuisine these days! In the era where everyone is seeking good health, food has become very important and people are more aware and cautious of what they eat! With the hectic lifestyle that the urban cities offer it is very important that though the food has to […]

Indian Restaurants In Seattle Go Online For Food Fiesta!

Indian cuisine has got a lot to offer I am sure I will never feel I had enough of Indian food and there are some classic Indian delicacies that were, are , & will be loved in the years to come. Now with the new onset on fusion cuisine most of the Indian recipes have […]

Order Pizza Online In Fremont – Delicious Treat On The Go!

There are so many things in life that are important and one of them is food; food gives you joy and your body nourishment. One delicacy that we all enjoy Is pizza and there are so many things that you can do with your pizza, may be that’s why there is I One pizza for […]

Why Use To Order Food Online Services

A menu of all possible scenarios shows, but we are able to touch screens. We can Screens spices, vegetable screens and piles offer series of decisions that people can their time taking going on, “Mealhi5 said.” you will find that some people have an interesting taste, thanks to the touch screen (laughs). you are mayonnaise […]