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What’s Mealhi5?

Mealhi5 is a free service where you can Order Meal Online! It’s a Foodies paradise offering an array of restaurants and cuisines to select from. All you need to do is choose what you want to eat, or your location & ORDER!

A quick and painless way to good food, just a couple of clicks and you are ready to order delicious food Online!

Crab down your hunger pranks in just 3 simple steps with numerous places to order food online.


Choose The Cuisine

As simple as it can be just select the cuisine you want to eat and simply browse through all the restaurants that offer you some extravagant food to relish! Be it some Mexican food or Italian food you can surf across endless cuisine and restaurant menus to order meal online and enjoy!

Insert your Zip Code or area

Enter in the Zip code for the location you want to search the restaurant in , all you do then is get on and select some delicious restaurant food online for delivery in your area. Get a quick meal at home or order a pizza at work!

Simply Order & Enjoy

Once you know what you want to eat and from which restaurant you can simply place your order and either pay online or have cash on delivery. You can even pre-order food and pick up the meal on your way home from office for an easy access and zero waiting at the restaurant for the takeaway to be ready!