MealHi5 Tablet Hardware

MealHi5 highly recommends the tablet for order management to help maximize efficiency and streamline restaurant operations. With the tablet and Order Manager app, restaurants can view which orders are in each prep stage, Restaurant can receive orders from multiple third party order management companies, tag scheduled or large orders, and get a large map with clear Delivery Partner location information. This transaction will affect upon signing electronically and will be charged $99.00 fully refundable deposit towards your tablet hardware.

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Unused accessories / equipment can be returned for deposit refund and must be reported within 30 days after delivery, NO exceptions. Defective accessories / equipment can be returned for exchange for the same item only for a deposit refund and must be reported within 30 days after delivery, NO exceptions.

Shipping charges for the initial purchase are non-refundable.

Shipping charged for returns / exchanges are non-refundable regardless of circumstances. There are no exceptions in this regard. If you wish to return / exchange any of the merchandise under the policies listed above, the return / exchange merchandise shipping fees will need to be covered by the restaurant partner.

Shipping charges for orders that are deemed "undeliverable" by the shipping carrier are non-refundable. Please ensure correct "ship-to" address, as we do not modify shipping addresses in any way before they leave our distribution center.

MealHi5 tablet will charge $5 per week (to cover device insurance).

Within this box, you will receive the following:

  • Tablet
  • Charger

How to take care of your MealHi5 tablet

  • Keep the tablet plugged in to manage your orders without interruption
  • Always use the official charger to keep your tablet fully charged
  • Keep the tablet away from extreme temperatures, such as near stoves or ovens in your kitchen
  • Be sure your tablet is plugged in, and the volume is turned on
  • You will see icons – MealHi5 – Admin Panel for Restaurants, Recovery, and Settings.
  • Connect to Wifi by tapping the Settings icon on the home screen, then select your wireless network
  • Choose Wifi
  • Select your Wifi system
    1. Enter your Wifi password and click connect
  • Verify the date & time by tapping Date & Time
  • Tap the MEALHI5 – Admin Panel icon on the home screen, then enter your username and create your password via visiting the link below.


Once you complete the test order, you’re ready to go live! Call your sales executive to start receiving orders.

Please contact our customer support team for any questions at (408)503-6536

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