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Why Mealhi5?

We get you mobile.

Having a website is never enough. You've to be accessible on smartphones as well. Mealhi5 takes care of it all.

We get you going

Mealhi5’s, online ordering system works even with existing websites. This means you can keep the look-and-feel you have of your existing website at the same time we give you a brand new website for free. and menu on gives you the advantage of our back-end system, online payments and market presence.

Who are we?

Mealhi5 is one of the nation's best online ordering network with over 800 restaurants. Giving you access to millions of hungry customers that can order daily from your restaurant!

How it works:

  • New customers find your retaurant menu on mealhi5 and order.

  • Mealhi5 sends you the order and you get the order ready.

  • Then will pick it up or you get it delivered.

What do you get?

Menu page setup : Free

Updating prices or updating any items to be added or deleted will be looked after.

Brand new website : Free

Join mealhi5 and get a new website for your restaurant as a freebie from our team, because your alliance is valued and appreciated.

Menu Page Maintenance : Free

Get your restaurant menu on board and get sales booming.

SEO optimized Page: Free

Get the restaurant page on mealhi5 SEO optimized to get increased orders and boost your sales!!!

How to join?

Sign-up is free!

All you do is fill up the information required and contact information in the form above and one of our sales representatives will get back to you at the earliest possible.

PO Box: 640632,San Jose,CA - 95164 (USA) | Phone: 1 (408) 503-6536 | Email: | Fax: (888) 640-5435 can also setup an online ordering system on your own website. The best part is we DO NOT CHARGE if you do not get any order from online ordering system.