Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

MealHi5 is a technology platform that connects local businesses to people. We aim to make every city smaller by serving you food-faster, fresher, and from farther away. When you place an order with MealHi5, we receive it, send it off to the restaurant, and order will be ready for pick up.
Depending on your area and local restaurant hours. On holidays, our hours are subject to restaurant holiday hours. You can always view available delivery/pick-up times for restaurants in your area. If a particular restaurant is not available for service, you'll see them listed as "Closed" or "Unavailable". Restaurants that allow pre-ordering ahead of opening hours show "Pre-order".
To see which restaurants are available for delivery, just enter your address at or in the MealHi5 app. To keep your food fresh and ensure speedy deliveries, we limit the available restaurants to those within a given distance from your location.
Your order’s total cost includes the cost of the menu items added to the cart along with state tax and fees charged by Mealhi5 for its efficient operation.
In addition to this, in case of delivery orders, there is an additional delivery fee which varies depending on the delivery location and restaurant and also an option to tip the driver. You can see this delivery fee for the specific restaurant you are ordering from at checkout.
For many of our restaurants, the prices you pay on MealHi5 are the same, as you would pay in store. However, sometimes they are different and for different reasons. When merchants sign onto our network, they pay us a commission fee to help cover the cost of our delivery fleet and operations. To help pay part of their commission, some merchants have decided to add a slight increase to certain menu items. Other times, prices are different because most restaurant menus online - especially from third-party websites - are outdated. As a result, there will be a perceived difference in price and it's a constant challenge for our team to make sure we have the correct prices. As a result, MealHi5's prices are sometimes lower or higher than what appears on the menus at restaurants. And finally, if we have a business relationship with a restaurant, the restaurant may elect to adjust menu pricing to offset commissions they pay to us. When we don't have a business relationship with a restaurant, we may adjust menu prices to help keep our service fee as low as possible and ensure effective operations.
Yes, you can either create an order to be delivered as soon as possible (ASAP) or you can schedule a delivery for up to four days in advance. To schedule a future order, just add items to your cart as usual and select your desired delivery time and date at the Checkout page.
You can make adjustments to your order, or cancel your order before the restaurant begins preparing your food by contacting restaurant directly or contact MealHi5.
Restaurants do run out of items from time to time. When you place an order, you can let us know your preference in this situation.
If you spot a problem with a particular menu, please contact us at with the restaurant and menu issue details and we'll get it updated as quickly as possible.
You can specify allergies and dietary restrictions in the special Instructions box and restaurants will pay special attention to them when preparing food.
We work hard to ensure you always have a delightful delivery or pick-up experience. If you ever encounter an issue, please contact us at We will do everything we can to make it right.
You can create an account by visiting and using your email to sign up. You can also download the MealHi5 app for IoS or Android mobile devices and sign up through the app. From the MealHi5 app, you'll need to first enter your address, add items, and then complete sign up at checkout.
Your opinion is valuable to us. If you have suggestions or feedback, please email and we'll review them promptly.
We're always adding new restaurants and would love to make your favorites available as well. Please email with your suggestion and we'll do our best to make it happen.

No, you do not need to tip the restaurant.

Any tips you decide to provide will not be reimbursed by MealHi5 or added to the diner’s total.

If a restaurant adds a tip or tells you that you are required to tip them please contact our support team directly at